Increasing Financial Strength

We know what it takes to increase our clients' financial strength by creating better strategy, raising capital for growth and, if necessary, by selling the company.

Financial Strength is Vital

Financial strength is vital to wealth creation for our clients. Financial strength measures the lasting power of a business.

When growth is the goal, financial strength determines the company’s ability to obtain outside resources, including:

  • credit from vendors,
  • bonding capacity,
  • borrowing from banks, and
  • equity capital for growth

Over the years, LVI’s Principals have founded, or been the CEO of, five fast growing companies in the electronic security industry. We have arranged financing for more than a hundred others and assisted another hundred or so companies to sell all, or a part, of their business…… We know how to get results when owners need them.


Your strategy and financial plan (collectively your “Business Plan”) answer the question of how the organization is going to WIN in the next few years. Key questions for you are:

  • Is your current strategy taking you where you want to go?
  • Has the company moved away from its original strategy?
  • Is your strategy viable for each market segment you have targeted?

THIS IS A GOOD TIME to take a fresh look at the company’s strategy.

LVI brings first-hand knowledge of what does and does not work in the alarm, electronic security, fire alarm and fire protection industries.

We are adept at assessing an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, analyzing markets, exploring customer attitudes and evaluating competitors. We have in-depth experience to craft detailed strategic business solutions tailored to specific industry and company situations. We have good ideas that will make a difference for you.


LVI’s strategy-creation services include:

  • Objectively analyzing your current situation,
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in the organization,
  • Identifying and evaluating strategic alternatives,
  • Brainstorming and developing creative solutions to challenging problems,
  • Helping you choose the best strategy,
  • Incorporating your strategy into a Business Plan, and
  • Helping with an objective annual review of the strategy and financial plan.
You can count on LVI’s in-depth experience
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Your strategy and the financial health of your company are critical to your success. Contact LVI today.

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If you are looking for growth capital, look to LVI:

  • Want to grow by adding to your sales program?
  • Have an acquisition in mind?
  • Are you looking for a loan or additional equity capital?
  • Have you already talked to your local bank?
  • Want to prepare now to raise capital later in 2017?

LVI knows what lenders and investors want to see!

LVI prepares your company so that it is “investment ready”!

LVI prepares your Business Plan so that it is salable and realistic!


When you decide to sell all or part of your business, you need an expert on your side.
LVI is that expert.

Selling a company, or a part of it, is a complex process requiring extensive experience, thoughtful judgment, and current market knowledge. LVI has assisted many owners to execute a strategic sale or divestiture of a business, customer accounts or operating assets.

Our professionals expedite the sale process by:

  • Valuing the business, accounts or property being sold,
  • Preparing the business for sale,
  • Preparing the due diligence material buyers must see to close,
  • Locating, identifying and screening potential buyers,
  • Presenting the opportunity in the most attractive light,
  • Alerting clients earlier to upcoming hurdles that may arise, and
  • Driving the transaction process from beginning to successful closing.

We know how to make the business show its full value.

Using the services of LVI will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful sale at a maximum price.

Our approach improves transaction prices and terms, speeds execution, lowers costs and results in better transactions.

Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Security Industry Association (SIA)
Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Electronic Security Association (ESA)
Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Electronic Security Association (ESA)
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Larrabee Ventures is here to help you meet your objectives:  

  • Raising capital for growth
  • Expanding lead generation
  • Digital marketing programs
  • Building your local brand
  • Sales management coaching
  • Exiting your business

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