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LVI is uniquely qualified to assist the owner who is serious about increasing the flow of qualified leads to his organization.

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation….. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”  Peter F. Drucker

We all can agree that creating customers is central to success in every business, especially a business in the alarm, electronic security, fire alarm or fire protection industry.

The Problem:

Things have changed rapidly in the last few years as 20th century shopping and buying habits have been massively disrupted by email, the Internet, smartphones and digital marketing. As a result, creating customers has new meaning. Consider these new realities:

  • Old fashioned cold calling is much more difficult than it was a few years ago,
  • Google and Bing searches have multiplied the information-gathering capabilities of buyers,
  • Prospective buyers are using the Internet to research service providers prior to calling,
  • B2B buyers are comparing companies, websites and offers on the Internet before purchasing new products or services.

On the other hand, the sale of all types of engineered systems still requires an expert salesperson for on-site visits to determine needs, planning, engineering, detailed quotes, proposal preparation and closing. All these activities are performed by your field salespeople and their inside support staff, and these activities are not going to be replaced by the Internet anytime soon.

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Digital Marketing Program

If you are not actively using digital marketing today, you are already falling behind. Your company needs more than just a new and better website. It needs a digital marketing program that generates quality leads from prospects in your targeted geography and within your targeted vertical market segments.

The digital marketing program includes your website, of course, but it includes much more. The digital marketing program includes three integrated elements; a digital marketing hub, a lead generation strategy and outbound campaigns to develop interest. Let’s look at each element.

Digital Marketing Hub

The digital marketing hub is a combination of software and services integrated by LVI to deliver actionable leads to your sales team. It includes your website, an outbound email marketing platform and a CRM, preferably Salesforce.

We will make sure your website is current, state-of-the-art, mobile friendly and SEO optimized. It will also include landing pages for inquiries from emails, social sites and blog postings and it will be designed so it is easy for a prospect to learn more about the essence of your business.

Our integration makes your website into a lead generating machine.
  • The hub is integrated with local search sites.
  • We also integrate the appropriate social sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The email marketing platform is integrated with the website landing pages and with the CRM.
  • The sales team uses the CRM to receive leads, input notes, create opportunities and keep track of prospects.

Lead Generation Strategy

The Lead Generation Strategy focuses on how your company, with its limited resources, will create more leads and customers.

The strategy includes defining specific target market segments, competitor analysis, prioritizing target audiences, creating unique selling propositions to emphasize the differences with competitors and creating white papers and blog postings.

The strategy addresses local search sites, social sites, keywords, pay-per-click ads, email audiences, email campaigns, local or clover leafing direct mail, and more.

Campaign Development and Execution

  • Planning: concept creation, target audience selection, frequency, duration
  • Content Creation: visual content, written content, layout, personalization
  • List Creation: selection of lists from the CRM, outside sources, purchases
  • Execution: sending the emails, placing Pay-Per-Click ads, printing and sending direct mail
  • Lead Distribution: to the sales team
  • Measurement and Evaluation: review of results, measurement of ROI, critique for future campaigns

Our clients want to create and keep more customers. LVI helps by delivering all the new digital marketing services complemented by an extensive understanding of what works and is practical in the real world of security sales.

LVI’s Direct Hands-on Experience

We are marketing and lead generation specialists who know engineered system sales and will develop a digital program with a stronger ROI then you can get from hiring another salesperson.

LVI is uniquely qualified to assist the owner who is serious about Customer Creation.

LVI Creates and Manages the Digital Marketing Program for you. LVI develops the programs, creates the content, manages the digital services and coaches the sales team in handling and making sales from the inquiries and leads produced.

LVI’s Principals have developed and managed many successful lead-creation programs for our alarm and security company clients as well as for the companies we have owned and managed.

LVI has direct hands-on experience generating leads by many different methods, including all the new digital marketing methods as well as the traditional or legacy methods.

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Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Security Industry Association (SIA)
Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Electronic Security Association (ESA)
Larrabee Ventures, Inc. is a member of The Electronic Security Association (ESA)
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